The event is organised by Finnish Russian Chamber of Commerce in co-operation with Team Finland.

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Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) was founded in 1946. It is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote companies’ business and competitiveness as well as economic relations in Russia and Finland. The FRCC’s vision is to be a pioneer.

The FRCC carries out its mission by offering companies various services in the fields of market research, company operation, export promotion, training, information, and consultation. The FRCC’s values are:

   1. Customer orientation
   2. Professional competency
   3. Economic viability

The FRCC works in all fields of business and serves all customers. However, members are special in that they receive benefits denied to others: discounts on FRCC products and services, advantages in receiving information and promoting their business. Half of the FRCC clients are small and medium-sized companies, half larger, whose capital exceeds 840,000 euros. Two thirds of the FRCC members, on the other hand, are small and medium-sized companies.

The FRCC is a lobby organization for its members. Through various working groups and projects the board members and the operative management seek to influence issues, which hinder the development of trade between the countries.

The FRCC numbers (4/2016) around 750 members, about 600 of which are Finnish and some 150 Russian.